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  Gene Bullard

For those of you who did not know my uncle Gene, the picture in the upper right corner will not mean to you what it means to those who knew him well. The picture is exactly as you would see him if you walked into the business he worked so very hard to create, Bullard International . This  particular picture is in his first shop on Shoreview Rd. He is sitting at his desk which was situated in the center of all the action, and a straight shot to the front door so as to greet all who entered.

Gene treated you like you had come to his home for a personal visit. No one left without a handshake, personal attention or a “How ya doin' Bud.” Not to mention a well stocked fridge exclusively devoted to Miller beer, leaving some room for soft drinks. We had everything imaginable for the patrons to quench their thirst on many a hot day in Dallas, Texas. You might be surprised, if it was your first time to visit, to see the owner himself stop what he was doing to make sure you had something to drink and serve you himself. Gene felt that you were in his home and he was your host. Anyone who made a visit to Bullard International would tell you this story. They would also tell you of his patience while answering every question you might have on pretty much any subject. He was a bottomless well of information, and he was always happy to share facts, tips or details simply for the asking.

One of many things I learned under the tutelage of my uncle Gene was how important it is to give the best customer service possible and as he put it, be "squeaky" honest with your customers. Gene also believed in providing premium products and he knew when he introduced DIAMOND II®, there was no doubt he had accomplished his goal. This reputation remains intact some 25 years later.

As Gene would say, “Come on in this house,” look around. If you knew my uncle, you will enjoy taking a walk down memory lane. If you didn't know this great man, you will surely enjoy this rags to riches story of an honest country boy who made good.

We miss you, Gene!

Silvia Davis

When was DIAMOND I® introduced?

In the year 1970

Gene Bullard developed the very FIRST commercial thread epoxy offered to rod builders. Developed in 1970, “DIAMOND I® became the largest selling such finish ever to hit the market. Because this was the FIRST of its kind ever to be developed, he recognized problems with this first formula. After several years of testing, Gene then introduced his much improved second formula, “DIAMOND II®  This consequently led the way for others who later developed similar products, some of which still remain on the market.


DIAMOND II®, often imitated—

                               but never duplicated—even today.


Upon the release of DIAMOND II®

Gene was quoted as saying,  

“I believe this new finish will be the most important thing to happen to the custom fishing rod industry since the introduction of the tubular fiberglass rod blank.”

—and he was right!!


The bitterness of poor quality
                                                    still remains…

after the sweetness of low cost
                                                 is forgotten...

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Gene Bullard 
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Thank you!

 My forever thanks to Lee Houser. The face behind the toothless smiling face of Ol’ Snag. Without Lee's wonderful talent, though it was delivered as a joke, we wouldn't have had the pleasure of that toothless grin all these years. Lee is married to Barbara Houser, Gene’s one time, vice president and general manager—and my friend who I admire and of whom I think a great deal.

Ol' Snag